For Counselors

Application Packet

Each applicant must complete a single Application Packet, which will be used for consideration of all scholarships that are indicated on the list of scholarships.

The online SWIEF application opens on Feb. 1, and the deadline is March 15 each year. It is preferable that applicants upload transcripts in the application software, but they can be mailed or delivered, with support materials, in one package, so that the Foundation physically receives them on or before March 22. Application packets received after this date, regardless of post mark or delivery date, will not be considered.

Each Application Packet Must Include the Following:

  • Completed Scholarship Application (online)

  • High School and/or College Transcript (online)

  • Additional Supplemental Materials, if applicable (mailed)

Mailing Address:

Southwest Iowa Educational Foundation

c/o Chris LaFerla

536 East Broadway

Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Award Notification

Scholarships will be awarded and candidates notified by April 10th of each year. Notification will be sent via email. Only recipients will be notified.

Thank you for your help in reaching the students in your school. We hope to continue our growth and to offer more scholarships each year for the students of Southwest Iowa.